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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Ella's first trip to the hospital also happened while we were in Michigan.  Devin and his mom were swinging Ella as we were walking and she started screaming.  It was really pretty awful.  Devin said, Oh no I felt a pop.  Trying to comfort her was very difficult.  She didn't want to be touched at all.  She just held onto her little arm and cried.  So to the ER we went.  She was ok with me holding her but not touching her arm.  By the time we got there she seemed in better spirits but wanted to have nothing to do with Devin.  He tried kneeling down and talking to her to tell her he was sorry.  She ran and held on to my leg and said, Mommy I'm scared.  I felt so badly for Devin.  
Anyway, we found out it was nurse maids elbow which apparently is very common in small children.  When we saw the doctor, Ella had already popped it back in place.  Poor Devin was afraid to touch her after that. She really did handle it very well.

The next day, we were walking and she held Devin's hand.  She looked up at him and said, don't hurt me ok?? 

She certainly knows how to lay on the guilt.

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