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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


It is the eve of Miss. Ella's third birthday.  Yet again, I can't help but think that time is flying much too quickly.  Our little bug has grown so much this last year.  She looks like a little girl now and talks like she's about six.  She's always had a really good vocabulary and she is very easy to understand.  It makes life a lot nicer as she's able to express to us what she wants.  Three is turning out to be a bit of an emotional age.  She seems to always be on an emotional roller coaster.  I am told that this is really what three is..lots and lots of emotional outbursts.  She's the sweetest girl and has a lot of compassion for someone so small.  Her hair has almost doubled in length and still has beautiful curls and is a bit lighter in color.  Most days I would say her best friend is me (sorry Daddy) but she's pretty great with both of us.  

I keep thinking about what a remarkable little girl she is.  She's smart, funny, kind, compassionate, silly, crazy, beautiful, and just way too loveable.  Not a day goes by that I don't think about how lucky I am to have her.  She's so special and she's beautiful inside and out.  

Ella at Three:
Favorite Color: Blue and Purple
Favorite Toy: Bapo (it's Bapo's birthday too..this year he lost another eye)
Favorite Snack: Cheese 
Favorite Sweet: Chocolate Ice Cream with Sprinkles
Favorite Princess: Cinderella 
Favorite Fruit: Bananas and Watermelon
Favorite Vegetable: Cucumbers

Ella's Phrases:
No way Nose` (No way Jose)
Well actually...
See I told you
Look at Daddy (when she's telling on him)
Uh huh you're right
That's Right Mommy

Not so Favorite things:
Thing she's scared of : Captain Hook and Scary Witches
Afraid of: Bugs all bugs

She's also able to spell her name, identify all capital letters, say her days of the week and part of her months with help.  She's also able to make x's and o's on paper.

Happy Birthday little bug Mommy and Daddy love you so much.

Three year stats to come after our Michigan trip.

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  1. Happy Birthday to our wonderful little Grandbug! She is an amazing little girl and you captured her personality and skill level beautifully. Ella is just perfect in every way and we treasure every moment we have with her. She has enriched all of our lives and we love her and you and Devin so much!