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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Man Cave

The apartment we lived in was pretty small.  The master bedroom had a very large closet and that's where Devin had his computer.  He would play his video games in the closet and Ella and I would hang out in the bedroom.  
Buying a home with four bedrooms meant that he would never have to give up his man cave.  He was really excited about this.  I think it might have been one of things he was happiest about when purchasing our home.  We moved in and put all of his computer and guitar stuff in his cave.  He even has a sign hanging above the door that says 'Man Cave'.  We had a lot of plans for his cave and how we'd decorate it.  I was happy that he had a spot of his own to play his games and guitar.  

Well, recently, we've been talking a lot about a second baby.  Right now the fourth room is used as the spare bedroom.  It only has a bed in it and is used when my parents or guests stay.  We really didn't know what we were going to do with the bed that's in there.  We haven't done any type of decorating to it as, it's going to be the Nursery in a couple of years.  I figured we'd end up just putting the bed in Devin's cave or the loft.

Anyway, as we were talking about it Devin said he wanted to move his stuff to the loft.  This would make it so that we would get to keep our spare room and have a nursery.  I was shocked. I didn't know why he wanted to be in the loft.  He explained to me that in the apartment, he was right there with Ella and I.  He liked being able to talk to me and listen to Ella play.  He said he doesn't like shouting down the hall to talk to me.  He also said that as much as he thought he would like the isolation, he just felt too isolated in the cave.  I was still skeptical.  We only moved his computer stuff as I figured he'd just want to move back in a couple of weeks.  Well, we're a couple of weeks in and he is still there....he sits right next to me.  I must say that it makes me happy that he wants to be close to bug and I.  I like that he wants to listen to us and talk to us.  Even if sometimes he's just pretending to listen, I like that he's right there. I like that we're all in the same room.  

Maybe someday Devin will want to go back to his cave but, for now I am happy to have him as my computer neighbor.

I don't write blogs much about myself or Devin and I think I should.  I dwell so much on Ella and what Ella's doing I forget sometimes; I suppose it's tunnel vision.  I decided to write about this because I thought it was special.  
I never go a day without thinking about how lucky I am to have him.  He is my rock and he's a wonderful Father.  It took a bunch of crappy relationships to stumble upon the perfect guy.  

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  1. We are so happy you and Devin found each other. He cherishes you, as we do and we love him as one of our sons! He is a good man, that guy is!