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Monday, June 18, 2012

Miss. Woolley...Mrs.Pierce

The wedding is one month from tomorrow and the wedding shower is this weekend... It is just so weird to me that I will no longer be a Woolley.  I have thought a few times about keeping my last name...I really like it and the closer I get to getting married, the more I like it.  I don't want to say I am getting cold feet but, I am really nervous.  This is a whole new chapter that is about to be written and as excited as I am, I feel myself kind of scared.  I have pretty bad stage fright...the thought of people watching is so scary to me.   I know that my dad won't let me fall walking down the isle so, that's reassuring...too bad he can't hold me up while we say our vows.  The closer we get to the wedding the more and more anxious I feel...I hope this is normal.  

One more month and I will be Mrs. Devin Pierce.../squeal

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  1. Everything wil go just as it should! We can't wait for the wedding and you won't fall! All of your anxiety is normal, or at least I experienced it too and we all know how normal I am! Love you, my Wee and we can't wait for the big day!!!