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Monday, August 29, 2011

Fifteen Months

Ella is exactly fifteen months today :) The time seems to be flying by and I really wish it would stop.  I look at Ella now and see her as more of a toddler then a baby.  It honestly kills me a little bit seeing how quickly this little girl is growing up.  She is a very bubbly, curious, silly and, loving little girl.  She has us both wrapped around her little fingers.  Here are some of Ella's stats and things she's doing :)

12 teeth! (four molars in one month OWIE)
Uh oh, what's that, what is this, mama, dadda, obbes (hobbes the cat) and, hi
knows where her nose is
plays patty cake (mostly with papa and grandma on skype)
stacks to three
knows how to play peek-a-boo
gives raspberries 
blows kisses
gives kisses
puts lids on bottles

I love this little girl with all my heart <3 I am so lucky to have her as my daughter.


  1. She is such a wonderful, bright amazing little girl and we're so proud of you all...I keep flashing on when she was born and where she's at now. It's wonderful but also hard to let go of the past. The good news is that we'll all have those memories forever and many, many more exciting things to look forward to with Ella! You guys are wonderful parents and we love you all....Yes, even Devin!!! : )

  2. You have a mother's heart, Mikko. What a cute girl Ella is!